we are Botim

Development and automation of customer service layouts

It's all about the funnel

3 layers, 1 unified experience

Proactive Layer
Provide solutions based on the digital behavior of your clients on the site, even before they present you with their current problem.

Engagement Tools
Targeted Messaging
Proactive Layer
Self-support Layer
A layer that makes it easy for your customer to find answers to their questions, without contacting customer service and waiting for response.

Help Center
Saved Replies
Custom Bots
Self-support Layer
Human Layer
Your representatives’ time is costly. Only inquiries that were unsolved in previous layers and require a 1-on-1 with a support representative will be presented.

Live Chat
Ticketing Workflow
Priority & Assignment Rules
Human Layer

The conversational support layout allows you to provide your clients with more

Without allocating new resources

Personal Response

A service experience that puts your customer at the center and leads to loyalty and advocacy.

Cohesion and Synergy

To prevent human error and help your team synchronize at all times.

Experiential Customer Journey

A good service experience throughout the customer journey generates trust and empowers the brand

Automatic Support

Reduces the number of inquiries that require human response, saving on organizational expenses.

Rapid Response

Rapid response helps your customer feel that you value their time.

Multi-channel Experience

The same service experience in the medium that is most comfortable for your customers.

Our Services

Advanced Automation

Conversational Funnels

AI Chatbots and Real-time Chat Services

Implementation of Omnichannel Systems

Our Clients

“Amazing things will happen when you listen to the customer"


Botim is an Israeli company that specializes in specification, implementation, and automation of digital conversational solutions for customer service, and brings conversational commerce – the rising shift in the digital space – to the forefront.

Every action we take empowers the experience of your customers and employees, allowing you to devote resources to growth and to focus on what you do best – provide your services or products.

Botim was founded by Bar Gedalyahu and Stav Kipper, both digital entrepreneurs and automation specialists that are highly experienced in working with businesses in the digital space. 

“We are people’s people and we’re challenge-oriented. It is the jet fuel in our engines. For us, working with a new business is an adventure, because the sky is the limit. There is nothing that we love more than surprising the heads of the companies we work with, showing them how our creativity is converted into high customer satisfaction, and increased profits.

We would love to get to know you and help you provide your customers with impeccable service.

Bar Gedalyahu

Stav Kipper

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